Restore your sexual power with swarna bhasma

Talking about sexual health is like a hot potato. I mean there is no one who is ready to talk about their sexual health. I think if a person has any issue related to sexual health, he/she should consult with your doctor. I know this is an awkward thing to share but if you do, […]

Treat any teeth related disease with Khadiradi Bati

We all just love to smile but the teeth related problems stop us to do that. Generally, we prefer so many medicines to get rid of those diseases. But what we get, Are those medicines effective? I know it’s very painful condition when you are trying your best to get relief from any problem and […]

Amalki- The Ayurvedic Remedy for Gastric Problems

What you eat often determines whether you are prone to gastric problems or not. Incorporating a healthy diet in your life is increasingly essential not only for breathing diseases free life but also for having a prolonged existence. Today people are living a life in which they are highly vulnerable to receive a wide range […]

The ayurvedic medicine Panchasava can help you gain better health and body in many ways

Panchasava is an Ayurvedic medicine that can help you to gain better health and body in many ways. I am not telling lie. This is true that you can get a better health and body with the help of Panchasava. The right dosage of this medicine regularly can help you to get a healthy body. […]

How to deal with acid reflux with Avipattikar Churna?

Are you burning up from inside then it can be the reason of acid reflux.? This is the disease which causes burning sensation in the chest. From this condition many people are suffering and want a perfect cure for this disease. Thankfully, this is the condition which can be cured and for that person are […]

What are the health benefits of kanchnar guggulu?

Maintaining a healthy body can protect you from a variety of illnesses. In addition, a healthy body can also help you to maintain a healthy weight and live longer.  A healthy diet and a regular exercise are essential for maintaining a healthy body but nowadays, there are the number of diseases and viruses that can […]

Is turmeric effective in arthritis?

Arthritis has become a very common joint disorder nowadays. There are the number of arthritis disorders that can affect you and make your life harder. Many people skeptical about the home remedies for arthritis. Is there any home remedy to treat the symptoms of arthritis? Can turmeric for arthritis is the good option? You will […]

Pomegranate oil is the new cure for acne

Have you ever heard about pomegranate oil? Pomegranate oil is something that we rarely use and it is not popular as other essential oils. You do not believe but pomegranate oil is known as the effective cure for acne. Yes, it can cure your acne problem. In this article, we are going to tell you […]


Nowadays there are lots of hair and skin problems that people are facing. Dandruff and dry scalp are one of them. Some people think that dandruff and dry scalp are same but it is not so. There are lots of differences between dry scalp and dandruff. Dry scalp is caused due to loss of moisture from the […]