IgG Herpes test

Facts Related To Herpes

There are millions of people who are infected with herpes virus and you can be its next victim. Do you know there are 70% of herpes patients who do not know that they have herpes? Yes, it is true. You might be thinking how it is possible that a person does not know that he/she is living with his/her life with a lifetime viral infection. Continue reading “WHAT DOES THE IGG HERPES TEST TELL?”

Pomegranate oil is the new cure for acne

pomegarante oil

Have you ever heard about pomegranate oil? Pomegranate oil is something that we rarely use and it is not popular as other essential oils. You do not believe but pomegranate oil is known as the effective cure for acne. Yes, it can cure your acne problem. In this article, we are going to tell you the pomegranate oil acne remedy. Continue reading “Pomegranate oil is the new cure for acne”