Heartburn is quite common, thanks to the preserved, packed and nutrition lacking food we are taking in. Yes, the food we eat daily directly determines not only our future health, but also the condition of our stomach. Apart from eating spicy and unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, irregular eating habits, stress, or drinking alcohol frequently can lead to heartburn. The most common symptoms of heartburn are burning sensation right behind the breastbone, chest pain, sometimes light enough to be ignored, and the other times, it may take to hospital bed. Acute cough and pain in the abdomen are also two common signs heartburn.

Many times, to ease the symptoms we take help from allopathic antacids. This is fine if you are doing it once or twice, but some people have such bad heartburn symptoms that they take help from antacids almost daily. This should be strictly avoided as it is not at all a healthy option. It is not actually a treatment, rather just masking of symptoms. This masking too is temporary and as soon as you stop taking help from antacids, the symptoms will reappear. Also, there are several other issues like adverse effects in taking excess of allopathic drugs. Hence, today’s generation is moving towards a healthier and holistic approach to treating heartburn and other stomach problems. You too must try ayurvedic cure for heartburn as it is the only scientific natural way to have a healthy digestion. There are several other benefits of using ayurvedic medicines for heartburn which you will get to know while knowing about all the ayurvedic medicines for heartburn. So, let us first see the ayurvedic cure for heartburn.

GILOY SATVA: Giloy has gained reputation in the recent past and even the scientists are finding its unbelievable medicinal properties surprising. We have a number of detailed studies claiming the benefits of giloy. For instance, “Tinospora cordifolia: One plant, many roles” published in Ancient science of Life talked about all the health benefits of the plant. Giloy satva contain all the goodness of giloy, and the herb is processed strictly according to ayurvedic formula. So, whether you are suffering from heartburn, or constipation, digesting AMA (toxin), liver dysfunctions, acidity, gastritis, ulcerative colitis or loss of appetite, the one stop solution to all stomach issues is giloy satva. The action of giloy satva is not confined to indigestion and acidity. The list of benefits of giloy satva is quite long. However, it is enough for us to know that giloy satva is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for heartburn.

AMALAKI CHOORNA:  According to Sushruta Samhita, an ancient ayurvedic text, Amalaki is the best among the sour fruits. In Indian civilization, amla and its products are known to cure almost every disease and is also believed to increase the average age. People of ancient times used amalaki choorna and other amla products under the pretext that it was born out of elixir, and today we use the same amlaki choorna because thousands of studies have shown that amla really has the power. Although from head to toe, every part of your body will gain something on consumption of amlaki choorna, your stomach will receive the maximum benefits. Amla contains a lot of fiber and fibrous diet is what you need in order to settle down the improper digestion issues like heartburn. Using amalaki choorna will solve all the problems. However, apart from this ayurvedic cure for heartburn, modifying your diet will take care of it forever. Amlaki choorna will help you get rid of all kinds of digestion related issues like gas, bloating, constipation, infection and even ulcers in the stomach.

AVIPATTIKAR CHOORNA: Avipattikar choorna is probably the best ayurvedic cure for heartburn. In case of acute heartburn and hyperacidity, you can look forward to such a magical composition. Nut Grass (Cyperus Rotundus), Vaividang (False Black Pepper), Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan), Bibhitaki (Bahera or Beleric Myrobalan), Amla (Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry), Green Cardamom, Tejpatta (Indian Bay Leaf), Nishoth (Turpeth), Misri (candy sugar), Sonth (dried ginger), Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum), Long Pepper (Piper Longum), and Laung (Clove)  are some of the ingredients of avipattikar churna. All these natural herbs work like magic in healing your disturbed digestion.

Ayurveda believes in avipattikar choorna and these days, even modern research is claiming the same. A study published in IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences revealed an unimaginable effectiveness of avipattikar churna in dyspepsia, acidity and indigestion. Nothing can beat this ayurvedic remedy for heartburn in terms of effectiveness.

CHANDI BHASMA: The concept of using metals in the form of reduced sized particles is age old since Charaka Samhita. You all know what chandi or silver is, but chandi bhamsa is far away from the base ingredient. The transformation, detoxification and purification process completely changes the metal and leaves only the medicinal properties in it. In case you have a doubt about its safety, go through all the clinical studies and extensive research carried out in different corners of the world. Chandi bhasma is also well researched and scientists from all around the world have studied it for its effectiveness and safety.

You can use it against heartburn, and since this is a herbo mineral composition, you can expect a stronger action. However, because it is not made up of herbs alone, you have to be careful about the doses and adjuvants to be take with it. So, it is better you talk to an ayurvedic doctor before starting the course. In case you find it difficult to find a good ayurvedic doctor, just make a call to paramanand ayurveda to talk directly to the doctor for free.

SUTSHEKHAR RAS:  By balancing the vata and pitta levels in human body, sutshekhar ras for indigestion can work like a magical wound by fixing everything from bloating to gastritis and abdominal colic. How? It is because of the strong ingredients used in the ayurvedic medicines for heartburn. Shuddha Parada (Herbal purified Mercury), Swarna Bhasma (Bhasma of Gold), tankana Bhasma (Borax), Shuddha Vatsanabha (Purified Aconitum ferox), Gandhaka (Purified and processed Sulphur), Tamra Bhasma and Shankha Bhasma are processed and purified metals that are taken while preparing sutshekhar ras. Apart from this, many other herbal ingredients also contribute to the healing power of the ayurvedic cure for heartburn.

If you suffer from regular heartburn, you automatically are prone to other stomach problems. Digestive disorders are connected to each other with one problem becoming the cause behind the other. This means that slight disturbance in digestive process can call a number of digestive problems and taking antacids is not going to help. Don’t worry as you now have ayurvedic cure for heartburn to take care of your digestive system. Dyspepsia, gastritis, vomiting, abdominal colic, bloating and indigestion, everything can be treated using one ayurvedic medicine and that is sutshekhar ras. And because it is free from any side effects, who would not want to use sutshekhar ras for indigestion and take a peaceful, breathe?

Almost 40% of the Americans experience heartburn with a frequency as high as once per month. And we are talking about the heartburn for which they had to report to their doctor and the minor ones are not included in the stats. One of the major reasons behind heartburn and other digestive disorders is eating improper food. These days, instead of eating fresh fruits and veggies, we eat more and more of packed food. All the packed and ready to eat food is loaded with preservatives. The preservatives added to it save it from being spoiled, and the most common one is carbon dioxide. Most of the canned food items contain carbon dioxide to preserve it. Avoid these foods to avoid acidity and heartburn. You should also add all the soft drinks to the list of “food to stay away from” as all of them are carbonated.

No matter which ayurvedic medicines for heartburn you are using, you have to take care of your eating habits. Yes ayurvedic cure for heartburn is far better than any other treatment available, but, it demands some changes in your life to induce desired effect. Have green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits, and try to avoid a fat and cholesterol-rich diet. Stale, packed and spicy food also is a great reason behind acidity. Hence if you want to get rid of acidity and heartburn, simply get rid of the food that causes it first. After this, take consultation from a good ayurvedic doctor. If you can’t find one near your place, or simply want free online consultation, just make a call to paramanand ayurveda. Getting consultation from the best ayurvedic doctors is now easy with this ayurvedic company. Not only this, you can also order ayurvedic medicines for heartburn or any other health complication at the same place over a phone call.

After getting the ayurvedic medicines for heartburn, just make sure that you eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies along with the medicines. With some changes in your lifestyle and ayurvedic cure for heartburn, you can have a normal digestion and hence a healthy life.