Restore your sexual power with swarna bhasma

sexual problemsTalking about sexual health is like a hot potato. I mean there is no one who is ready to talk about their sexual health. I think if a person has any issue related to sexual health, he/she should consult with your doctor. I know this is an awkward thing to share but if you do, you can better understand about your sexual health. This is the article by which you will gain knowledge about that medicine which can help you to improve sexual power. There are many natural remedies which can help you in this but swarna bhasma is one of best medicines for this.

So, without wasting more time, let us see how swarna bhasma can help you to improve sexual health. Also, how you can restore your sexual health with swarna bhasma.

Swarna Bhasma for Sexual Health

Dabur-Swarna-Bhasma-Swarna bhasma is an ayurvedic medicine which is used to cure many diseases. Which are those diseases, I will tell you later. Before that, I will you some points about using gold. Using gold to treat various health aliments is the best and ancient way. It said that gold in the body worked by stimulating the life force and raising the levels of vibration on all levels.

It was and is a common practice in India to put gold in murabba, Chyavanprash and in medicines. There are many benefits of using gold and this is the reason that I am suggesting you use swarna bhasma for sexual health. Let’s see some points about sexual health.

Sexual Health

sexual problems..Sexuality is a big part of human being. Love, intimacy and affection, these all play a role in healthy relationships. They also contribute to your sense of well-being. A number of disorders can affect the ability to have sex in both men and women. That’s why it is important to gain knowledge about sexual health so that you can stay away from those diseases which can spread through sex.

Benefits of using swarna bhasma for sexual health are numerous. This is because it has many medicinal properties which can help to increase sexual power. Swarna bhasma contains anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-oxidant, Antianginal and so on.  So, these are the benefits of using swarna bhasma for sexual health. Now, I would like to tell you about some other benefits of using swarna bhasma.

Other Benefits of Swarna Bhasma

diseases..There are countless benefits of using this astonishing medicine. You can use this if you have any disease related to your lungs like bronchitis, asthma, asthmatic bronchitis and so on. It can also cure heart and blood vessels like angina pectoris and cardiac weakness. Via this bhasma, you can cure the conditions which are related to mind, brain and Nervine.

The diseases which related to mind, brain and Nervine are Nervine weakness, neurological disorders like paralysis, bipolar disorders, depression, trigeminal neuralgia and many more. Like these, there are many benefits of using this medicine. So, use swarna bhasma for sexual health and some other disease as well.

This is all about the benefits of swarna bhasma for sexual power and some other diseases. Now, I would like to tell you about the doses of this medicine.


dosage3You can consume this medicine 125mg twice in a day along with honey. It is better to consult with your doctor before you start taking this medicine.

See; try to use ayurvedic medicine no matter what the diseases are. But keep the doses in your mind otherwise it can cause side effects. Swarna bhasma is an ayurvedic medicine and ayurvedic medicines will never cause any kind of side effect if you consume this medicine in an appropriate way or amount.


Treat any teeth related disease with Khadiradi Bati

healthy teethWe all just love to smile but the teeth related problems stop us to do that. Generally, we prefer so many medicines to get rid of those diseases. But what we get, Are those medicines effective? I know it’s very painful condition when you are trying your best to get relief from any problem and don’t get any satisfying result especially in case of oral health. Friends, today I am here to tell you about a wonderful Ayurvedic medicine known as Khadiradi Bati. It is a pure natural product that can cure all the teeth and oral health-related problems effectively. It is used for the treatment of gum bleeding, swelling, toothache, bad breath, oral ulcers, sensitivity, etc. Read this article to know about the benefits and uses of Khadiradi Bati.

Khadiradi Bati is prepared by using so many natural herbs. Some of them are khadira saar i.e. kattha , javitri, kankol, bhimseni kapoor (cinnimomum camphora), Supari (Areca nut), etc. Khadira saar (kattha) is the main ingredient of this medicine that makes Khadiradi Bati a very effective medicine for teeth and oral health care.  This medicine has so many properties, such as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, emollient, expectorant, etc. All these properties of Khadiradi bati help in taking care of all over the mouth.

laryngitisuses is very effective in the treatment of laryngitis. Its strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties help in reducing the inflammation of the larynx. It also reduces the hoarseness by reducing irritation and swelling of the vocal cord. This medicine is a very effective solution for mouth ulcers and stomatitis. It reduces pain and burning sensation caused by mouth ulcer. In case of Stomatitis, It gives relief by reducing the inflammation of the mucous membrane.

This medicine is one of the best solutions for a sore throat. The wonderful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of Khadiradi bati reduce the growth of bacteria that cause infections like a sore throat. Not only this, it is very also used for treating tonsillitis, tonsil infection, gingivitis, toothache, cough, etc. These are some uses and benefits of khadiradi bati for teeth and other oral health related problems. Now, let’s talk about the dosage and side effects of khadiradi bati.


dosage3Patients can take 1 tablet of this medicine 4 – 6 times in a day, before and after food or as directed by the physician. This medicine is also safe for children. You can give 1 tablet to the child twice or thrice a day. If I talk about the side effects, then it is completely safe for the body until one cannot take the overdose of this medicine. An overdose of khadiradi bati can cause some side effects like abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, dysuria, seizures, etc. This is very natural, if we eat anything beyond a limit, it will definitely do some adverse effects on the body. Generally, every Ayurvedic medicine is completely safe for our body as it is prepared with natural herbs and spices. But we have to follow the proper instructions given by the physician regarding the dosages especially.

Amalki- The Ayurvedic Remedy for Gastric Problems

Young beautiful woman is having stomach ache.What you eat often determines whether you are prone to gastric problems or not. Incorporating a healthy diet in your life is increasingly essential not only for breathing diseases free life but also for having a prolonged existence. Today people are living a life in which they are highly vulnerable to receive a wide range of health inclinations and gastric issues are not an exception. Gastric problems denote a group of diseases that onsets within the stomach with having unwanted gas in the stomach. Gastric problems are increasingly common globally that could form either mild complications or severe complications.

Whether you experience bloating or having issues indigestion, you are a patient of the gastric problem. Here we need an explanation that gastric issues are not a specific type of stomach ailment but, it is an indication of something is going wrong in your body. Having gastric problems occasionally is not an area of concern in most of the cases but, the problems occur when an individual constantly experiences such complications. The underlying disease that may cause gastric issues could be severe wither severe or mild depending on the causes of such issues.

gastric-problems-causesThere are certain factors that may stimulate the gastric issue take place. Whether you have eaten something heavy or have consumed so much of greasy foods or have drunk excessive alcohol, there is the huge probability of developing such issue. Preliminary trials have shown that resistant to certain food components such as starch, dietary fiber and resistant to oligosaccharides can aggravate the issue of the same issue. Having a poor digestion could be the major reason for the development of the gastric problem. Having certain medical conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, gallbladder infection and in rare cases, stomach cancer could be the reason for gastric complications.

Why Does Amalki Good For Gastric Problems?

amalaki-rasayanWe do definitely discuss how Amalaki is beneficial for the condition such as gastric issues but, before that, it is imperative to better comprehend what Amalaki is and what makes it so imperative herb for different sorts of health issues. Amalaki is a potent Ayurvedic formulation which is obtained from Amla (Indian Gooseberry). Ayurveda Sees Amalki as one of the potent natural herbs that have the capability to ameliorate various sorts of health issues especially when it comes to gastric problems. Indian Gooseberry has various medicinal agents that can be increasingly used to maintain overall health. There are two components found in Amalki namely Antioxidants and Vitamin C. Both are substantially beneficial for healing innumerable health issues.

The antioxidants in Amalki scavenge the free radicals and preclude the damage that may associate with free radicals. Oxidative stress is a common issue that occurs when there is the insufficiency of antioxidants in the body. This condition hugely kills good and healthy bacteria forming an appropriate environment for the gastric issue to take place. Therefore, it increasingly becomes important to take the proper care of what we called good bacteria. When you sufficiently consume antioxidants you are simply nourishing the healthy cells which better protect you from the gastric tissue. Amalaki comprehensively holds Vitamin C which not only acts as antioxidants but is the great source of ameliorating immune system.

AmlaAs in rare cases, it has been seen that cancer-related to stomach could stimulate the severe form of gastric issues, the abundance of vitamin C exists in Amalki doesn’t allow cancerous cells to replicate which In turn reduces your receptiveness to abdominal cancer. Heartburn is a typical sign that indicates something gastric issue has onset within the stomach. Here in this condition what an individual need is to properly utilize the benefits of Amalaki. Amalaki is greatly beneficial for cleansing the entire digestive system as well as boosts up the damage caused by the gastric ailment.

It helps to govern the secretion of the acid and this is an essential thing what you need to protect yourself from the gastric problems. It is a great supporter of the digestive system that works without the aggravation of Vata and Pitta. It has various other therapeutic agents that can have the significant impact on the gastric issues. The rejuvenating property possessed by Amalaki strengthens the every organ in the body. It is also blessed with the element named antacid, which governs the acidity and alleviates the inflammation caused by the gastric problems.

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The ayurvedic medicine Panchasava can help you gain better health and body in many ways

Panchasava is an Ayurvedic medicine that can help you to gain better health and body in many ways. I am not telling lie. This is true that you can get a better health and body with the help of Panchasava. The right dosage of this medicine regularly can help you to get a healthy body. If you are still not believing me, read the article carefully and you will get the answer.

Health-is-wealthNowadays, everyone is very busy in their life that they even forget about their health and body. You need to remember that you can enjoy your life and do you daily tasks effectively only if you are healthy or have a healthy body. You might have heard that “health is the only wealth,” this is a true fact. If you are healthy, you can achieve all your goals easily. A healthy body not only contributes to more active and fulfilling life but also adds years to your life. A healthy body also reduces the risk of developing various types of mild to severe health issues. Your eating habits and lifestyle have a direct impact on your health. So, you need to eat a healthy diet as well as follow a healthy lifestyle.

Well, these days, the risk of developing various type of diseases and infections increasing day by day. Being healthy is not so easy because a number of health issues are always ready to attack you. Fortunately, Ayurveda can help you in gaining better health and body. How? Panchasava, the ayurvedic medicine can help you to provide better health and body.

Health Benefits of Panchasava

panchasav-The health benefits of Panchasava are enormous. Panchasava is used in the treatment and prevention of various health issues. It is mainly used for digestive disorders. As the name itself suggest, Panchasava means- ‘five plus asava’. This medicine is a combination of five classical ayurvedic asava. This classical ayurvedic asava possess strong medicinal properties. You can also use this ayurvedic medicine for treating nervous system disorders like neuralgia.  Regular consumption of Panchasava helps to cure a number of health issues as well as keep you healthy.

Panchasava contains 5-10% self-generated alcohol which along with the water present in the medicine. It acts as a media and delivers alcohol and water soluble active herbal compounds to the body.

Ingredients of Panchasava

ayurveda 3Panchasava contains more than 60 herbal ingredients. Panchasava is prepared of natural herbs that make it a powerful ayurvedic medicine. The herbs used in the preparation of this ayurvedic medicine help in treating the health issues by tackling the root causes of the illness and thus provide long-lasting relief. The five ayurvedic formulation by which Panchasava is prepared are as follows-:

Drakshasava -: Drakshasava is an ayurvedic medicine that is used for the treatment of physical weakness, fatigue, digestive problems, indigestion, anorexia and other gastric disorders. It improves your digestion and relaxes nerves.

Balarishta -: This Ayurvedic medicine is given to cure digestive problems, loss of strength and burning sensation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Lohasava -: This ayurvedic formulation is widely used to treat chronic anemia and liver disorders.lohasava

Kumari asava -: This is indicated in the treatment of liver disorders, constipation, general debility, cough, asthma, piles and pain. It is a healthy tonic that reduces pitta and inflammation. Aloe vera is the main ingredient of this ayurvedic medicine.

Dashmoolarishta -: It is a healthy tonic that gives strength and vigor to the body. It also helps to boost the immunity.

Now, you can understand that Panchasava is a really useful Ayurvedic herb that consists all these ayurvedic formulations. These Ayurvedic formulations make Panchasava an effective cure for a number of health issues. Panchasava can cure a number of health ailments such as liver problems, spleen disorders, anemia and nervous system disorders. When you are diseases free, your health will improve automatically.

Dosage of Panchasava

doshageThe recommended dosage of Panchasava is 2 teaspoons 2 times a day after food or as directed by the doctor. Panchasava is prepared of pure herbs so, it is side effects free. It will never give you any type of side effects. So, try Panchasava and get a better health and also a healthy body.

How to deal with acid reflux with Avipattikar Churna?

acidityAre you burning up from inside then it can be the reason of acid reflux.? This is the disease which causes burning sensation in the chest. From this condition many people are suffering and want a perfect cure for this disease. Thankfully, this is the condition which can be cured and for that person are already using medicines. But, I really don’t think that using medication in this or any other condition is the good idea. Why I am saying this you will know by the end of this article.

Apart from medicines, you can use natural treatment and this is the treatment which is known for its effectiveness. There are many people who switched their preferences because they know there is only one treatment which can cure this condition and that is natural treatment.

avipattikarIn this article we will talk about Avipattikar Churna, this is the herbal remedy and apart from this, we will learn how to deal with acid reflux with Avipattikar Churna? This is an Ayurvedic remedy and this has been used for thousands of years. This is the remedy which is the mixture of many beneficial and effective herbs.

This is the remedy which is known for its purgative and carminative properties. Avipattikar Churna is traditionally used to remove excess pitta from the body. This is the remedy which can cure hyper acidity, indigestion, constipation, heart burn and vomiting.

It is said that this is the cure which is totally safe and easy to use and this is made from those herbs which are found in the Himalayas according to studies. This is the cure which is traditionally used to remove excess pita (acid) from the stomach and small intestine.  Avipattikar Churna for acid reflux is the perfect remedy which has all the properties which can alleviate indigestion, hyper acidity, and heart burn very effectively.

avipattikar-churnaHigh pita is the reason behind having the problem of hyper acidity and heart burn. Avipattikar Churna for acid reflux is the ultimate cure because this is the remedy which can reduce the effect of pitta in your stomach and small intestine.

This is a remedy which has natural laxative and it makes the soft stool, cure mild constipation and improve the appetite. Avipattikar Churna for acid reflux is the cure which can give you faster relief than any medicine. This is the natural digestive tonic which helps in regularizing digestion problem and cures many other diseases.

Avipattikar Churna for acid reflux is good treatment options and if you use this, it will give you good results. This is the remedy which can cure this condition very effectively and according to studies you don’t need to consume any extra medicine apart from this to cure acid reflux.

AcidRefluxAvipattikar Churna is an herbal cure which can control the acid secretion in stomach walls and it helps in the easy and soft movement of food from your stomach to intestine. This is the safest remedy and it can cure and protects stomach walls from a strong acid and treat and prevent gastric ulcers and pain.

If you consume Avipattikar Churna for acid reflux daily you will not only cure this but also prevent this condition. This is the remedy which is very effective and this is because it contains many natural and healthy ingredients. The ingredients are Sunthi, Pipali, Marica, Haritaki, Musta, Vida lavana, vidangana and Tejpatra. These are just some of them and there are many more ingredients which are not mentioned in this article.

Avipattikar for acid reflux is the treatment which can cure this condition very effectively and this is far better than any medicine which is known to cure acid reflux. Yes, this is true you can get better and fast results if you use natural remedies and not the medicines.

ayurveda for stomachMedicines are just not good for you and using medicines means you are only increasing your expenses. Medicines are not meant to cure the condition from its root. One more thing, this is the treatment by which you can get side effects, in fact, there is no medicine without side effects. So, use only that treatment or those remedies by which you will not get side effects. This is the condition which requires correct treatment on exact timing otherwise it can get worse which is not good for you. So, if you or your dear one is suffering from this painful condition, use Avipattikar Churna for acid reflux.


What are the health benefits of kanchnar guggulu?

healthy immune systemMaintaining a healthy body can protect you from a variety of illnesses. In addition, a healthy body can also help you to maintain a healthy weight and live longer.  A healthy diet and a regular exercise are essential for maintaining a healthy body but nowadays, there are the number of diseases and viruses that can attack your body and make you unhealthy.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar level and cardiovascular diseases are very common nowadays that can attack any person. If you are also experiencing any of these health issues, you might be taking antivirals or over-the-counter treatment. Traditional medicines are not the safe way of getting rid of any diseases or illnesses. They only suppress the virus or diseases for some time and can also give you other health issues as a gift. So, what to do then? You should try ayurvedic treatment.

ayurvedaThe Ayurvedic treatment option is the best way of getting rid of different types of illnesses and diseases. It is a natural treatment option that will not give you any side effects. Today, we are going to tell you the health benefits of an Ayurvedic medicine named as kanchnar Guggulu.

Health Benefits of Kanchnar Guggulu

Guggulu is actually the common name for the flowering Mukul myrrh tree. It is a small thorny tree that commonly found in India. This tree has been using since ancient times for many healing purposes. It is said that the potency of Guggulu last 20 years. Kanchnar Guggulu is a polyhedral ayurvedic formulation. It is one of the best medicines for treating several health issues such as thyroid disorder, glandular swelling, lymph nodes swelling, uterine poly and other abnormal growth in the body.

Baidyanath-Kanchnar-Guggulu-The health benefits of kanchnar Guggulu are enormous. It is a traditional ayurvedic medicine that used in the treatment of PCOS, thryoidism and other growth likes lipoma and adhesions due to its kapha reducing properties. This Ayurvedic medicine also helps in detoxifications of the body while removing the excess toxins from the body. This medicine is made up of natural herbs that encourage healthy elimination of toxins without aggravating the digestive fire in the body.

The health benefits of kanchnar Guggulu also include the treatment of tumors, growths and adhesions, fistula in-ano and menstrual disorders. It helps in weight loss by clearing out the fluid retention in the body and also by regulating the hormones. Studies have also found that this medicine can further reduce the cholesterol levels and burns fat. Kanchnar guggulu has effective anti-tumor, thyroid stimulant, anti-cancer, anti-mutagenic, analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in the treatment of various health issues.

Some other common health benefits of kanchnar Guggulu include that it helps in the treatment of fibroid, endometriosis, enhances the female reproductive health and corrects anovulation.  Let’s see how kanchnar guggulu is effective in the treatment of various hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and obesity.

weight-loss-questionsTreats Obesity 

Obesity is very common health issues nowadays. A number of people are affecting with this problem and want to lose few kilos pounds of their body. You are called overweight if your body fat is more than just being healthy. Well, a couple of kilos of excess weight does not harm but being excessively obese can give you serious health issues. Kanchnar Guggulu is the perfect ayurvedic medicine for reducing the excess weight and getting a healthy body.



The thyroid gland is the largest gland of endocrine glands and it is located in the front part of the neck. It produces the thyroid hormone which performs a number of functions like regulating the body’s metabolism and calcium balance and the body’s use of other hormones. When the thyroid glands are overactive, the condition is called hyperthyroidism in which the thyroid glands produce excessive thyroid hormones causing symptoms like irritability, weight loss or gain and decreased menstrual flow etc. Well, kanchnar Guggulu helps in regulating the thyroid glands to produce a right amount of thyroid hormones.


Guggul1Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone for their proper functioning. It is seen more commonly in women and men and its incidence is found to increase with age. Symptoms of this condition are weight gain, fatigue, depression, cold intolerance and other overlooked symptoms like hair loss and dry skin etc.  Consumption of kanchnar Guggulu can help in this condition and make enough thyroid hormones for the proper functioning of thyroid glands.

So, if you are facing any of the above health issues, you should try kanchnar Guggulu that is really effective in curing a number of health problems. Health benefits of kanchnar Guggulu are myriad and it is the best treatment option for your health problems. You can easily purchase this medicine online from Paramanand Ayurveda.


Is turmeric effective in arthritis?

Arthritis has become a very common joint disorder nowadays. There are the number of arthritis disorders that can affect you and make your life harder. Many people skeptical about the home remedies for arthritis. Is there any home remedy to treat the symptoms of arthritis? Can turmeric for arthritis is the good option? You will get the answer to all these questions in this article but before that, let’s talk about arthritis disorder.


Facts Related To Herpes

There are millions of people who are infected with herpes virus and you can be its next victim. Do you know there are 70% of herpes patients who do not know that they have herpes? Yes, it is true. You might be thinking how it is possible that a person does not know that he/she is living with his/her life with a lifetime viral infection.

Pomegranate oil is the new cure for acne

Have you ever heard about pomegranate oil? Pomegranate oil is something that we rarely use and it is not popular as other essential oils. You do not believe but pomegranate oil is known as the effective cure for acne. Yes, it can cure your acne problem. In this article, we are going to tell you the pomegranate oil acne remedy.


Nowadays there are lots of hair and skin problems that people are facing. Dandruff and dry scalp are one of them. Some people think that dandruff and dry scalp are same but it is not so. There are lots of differences between dry home remedy for dandruffscalp and dandruff. Dry scalp is caused due to loss of moisture from the skin. It can be caused by the use of soap, strong detergents, product build up, cold weather, hard water and diet.