Nowadays there are lots of hair and skin problems that people are facing. Dandruff and dry scalp are one of them. Some people think that dandruff and dry scalp are same but it is not so. There are lots of differences between dry home remedy for dandruffscalp and dandruff. Dry scalp is caused due to loss of moisture from the skin. It can be caused by the use of soap, strong detergents, product build up, cold weather, hard water and diet. Dandruff is the collection of flakes that are usually found in the scalp area. It is similar to the dry skin. But the main difference is that flakes cause too much oil. Because of that yeast grow on the scalp. This is because dandruff is formed. The yeast feeds on the oil and they grow automatically. The feeding of the yeast on the oil produced by the scalp can cause the scalp to dry up. The skin on the scalp can clamp and can flake off easily. With the dry skin flakes, the flakes would be usually small and whiter. There are many causes of having dandruff:


Dirty scalp- 

it indicates the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells. The dead skin cell due to presence in excess begins to shed, leading to dandruff problems. A dirty scalp tends to attract a lot of microbes. It can cause dandruff due to yeast formation and fungal growth.

Skin diseases-

skin damageIf a person has different kind of skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema and others than they may have dandruff.

Not brushing the hair- 

It turns out that not brushing the hair enough can lead to white flakes.

Blow-drying the hair too much- 

Using hair dryer everyday can cause dandruff. It also makes the current dandruff even worse.


there is various internal factors that can lead to a flaky scalp as well. The person who takes tension a lot have higher risk of developing dandruff because stress changes the chemical part of the body which affects the scalp.


A lack of Omega-3, B12 and Zinc in the diet can cause dandruff. People nowadays prefer fast and oily food which is hazardous for health as well as generates different kinds of problems, and dandruff is one of them.


MalasseziaIt is a fungus that lives on everybody’s scalp. It can grow out of control. It feeds on the oils that hair follicles secrete. When this happens the scalp become irritated and produces extra skin cells. These extra skin cells die and fall off; then they mix with the oil from the hair and scalp and turn into dandruff.

Hormonal changes- 

the hormonal shift can also lead to dandruff.


an allergy to a certain shampoo, hair gel or any other kind of skin product could be the cause of dandruff.


excess sweating can possibly generate or exacerbate dandruff.

Weakened immune system- 

Weakened immune systemA person suffering from HIV or AIDS or undergoing any kind of serious disease typically has a weakened immune system. People with these types of diseases are likely to develop severe dandruff. But having dandruff will not negatively affect their health in any way.

Whereas dry scalp is itchy, red and irritated and make the hair appear dry and dull.


There are many reasons for having dry scalp, some are:

Hair products- 

Nowadays hair products have chemicals and alcohol that can dry out the hair.

Cold and dry weather- 

Cold and dry weatherThe weather zaps moisture out of our hair and scalp. Winter can bring the dreaded dry scalp or worsen an existing scalp condition. Dry scalp is more prevalent in winter and is often marked by small white flakes caused by cold weather, due to excessive dry heat or diet. It can cause some itch and tightness with a dry scalp. Dry scalp can even lead to hair loss, if it is not treated.


Dietary deficiencies- 

A dry scalp can also be caused due to fatty acids deficiency or out of the inability of the body to take proper nutrients. The vitamin D deficiency due to the lack of sunlight in winter can cause dry scalp.

Scalp psoriasis –

It can cause itching and flaking. It happens when the immune system triggers too many skin cells that grow on various parts of the body.

Too much shampooing- 

Too much shampooingUsing shampoo too much can also lead to the dry scalp, as people try to make the hair clean use shampoo too much.

There are many causes and symptoms which differentiate dry scalp from dandruff. Dandruff is caused by excess oils in the scalp and sometimes an overgrowth of yeast. That leads to larger flakes of skin that is paired with a greasy scalp and roots because a dry scalp is a cause by loss of moisture and hydration.

The scalp condition depends on the moisturizing the skin. If you stop moisturizing, the skin gets flaky and itchy.


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