Privacy Policy

Five Point Cure respects and protects the privacy of its website visitors. Our privacy policy describes what information we collected from you and how we use it.

Generally, when you visit our site, we collect your personal information like name, contact number and email address automatically. This information is stored on our database for authentication purpose only. Information collected from you will never be shared with anyone else.

Our site also collects your cookies data. We collect it to help you to improve the efficiency of the search feature and usability of the site. You can also disable the cookies, if you don’t want to share with us.

Our site also collects some external links. But there is their own privacy statement. If you want to follow those links, please read the privacy policy of those links, because we will not be responsible for any damage caused by those links.

We reserve the right to alter our privacy policy. Any changes will be updated on this site. Please be updated with us periodically.

If you have any queries and concern, you can Contact Us.