The ayurvedic medicine Panchasava can help you gain better health and body in many ways

health with panchasava

Panchasava is an Ayurvedic medicine that can help you to gain better health and body in many ways. I am not telling lie. This is true that you can get a better health and body with the help of Panchasava. The right dosage of this medicine regularly can help you to get a healthy body. If you are still not believing me, read the article carefully and you will get the answer.

Health-is-wealthNowadays, everyone is very busy in their life that they even forget about their health and body. You need to remember that you can enjoy your life and do you daily tasks effectively only if you are healthy or have a healthy body. You might have heard that “health is the only wealth,” this is a true fact. If you are healthy, you can achieve all your goals easily. A healthy body not only contributes to more active and fulfilling life but also adds years to your life. A healthy body also reduces the risk of developing various types of mild to severe health issues. Your eating habits and lifestyle have a direct impact on your health. So, you need to eat a healthy diet as well as follow a healthy lifestyle.

Well, these days, the risk of developing various type of diseases and infections increasing day by day. Being healthy is not so easy because a number of health issues are always ready to attack you. Fortunately, Ayurveda can help you in gaining better health and body. How? Panchasava, the ayurvedic medicine can help you to provide better health and body.

Health Benefits of Panchasava

panchasav-The health benefits of Panchasava are enormous. Panchasava is used in the treatment and prevention of various health issues. It is mainly used for digestive disorders. As the name itself suggest, Panchasava means- ‘five plus asava’. This medicine is a combination of five classical ayurvedic asava. This classical ayurvedic asava possess strong medicinal properties. You can also use this ayurvedic medicine for treating nervous system disorders like neuralgia.  Regular consumption of Panchasava helps to cure a number of health issues as well as keep you healthy.

Panchasava contains 5-10% self-generated alcohol which along with the water present in the medicine. It acts as a media and delivers alcohol and water soluble active herbal compounds to the body.

Ingredients of Panchasava

ayurveda 3Panchasava contains more than 60 herbal ingredients. Panchasava is prepared of natural herbs that make it a powerful ayurvedic medicine. The herbs used in the preparation of this ayurvedic medicine help in treating the health issues by tackling the root causes of the illness and thus provide long-lasting relief. The five ayurvedic formulation by which Panchasava is prepared are as follows-:

Drakshasava -: Drakshasava is an ayurvedic medicine that is used for the treatment of physical weakness, fatigue, digestive problems, indigestion, anorexia and other gastric disorders. It improves your digestion and relaxes nerves.

Balarishta -: This Ayurvedic medicine is given to cure digestive problems, loss of strength and burning sensation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Lohasava -: This ayurvedic formulation is widely used to treat chronic anemia and liver disorders.lohasava

Kumari asava -: This is indicated in the treatment of liver disorders, constipation, general debility, cough, asthma, piles and pain. It is a healthy tonic that reduces pitta and inflammation. Aloe vera is the main ingredient of this ayurvedic medicine.

Dashmoolarishta -: It is a healthy tonic that gives strength and vigor to the body. It also helps to boost the immunity.

Now, you can understand that Panchasava is a really useful Ayurvedic herb that consists all these ayurvedic formulations. These Ayurvedic formulations make Panchasava an effective cure for a number of health issues. Panchasava can cure a number of health ailments such as liver problems, spleen disorders, anemia and nervous system disorders. When you are diseases free, your health will improve automatically.

Dosage of Panchasava

doshageThe recommended dosage of Panchasava is 2 teaspoons 2 times a day after food or as directed by the doctor. Panchasava is prepared of pure herbs so, it is side effects free. It will never give you any type of side effects. So, try Panchasava and get a better health and also a healthy body.

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