Treat any teeth related disease with Khadiradi Bati


healthy teethWe all just love to smile but the teeth related problems stop us to do that. Generally, we prefer so many medicines to get rid of those diseases. But what we get, Are those medicines effective? I know it’s very painful condition when you are trying your best to get relief from any problem and don’t get any satisfying result especially in case of oral health. Friends, today I am here to tell you about a wonderful Ayurvedic medicine known as Khadiradi Bati. It is a pure natural product that can cure all the teeth and oral health-related problems effectively. It is used for the treatment of gum bleeding, swelling, toothache, bad breath, oral ulcers, sensitivity, etc. Read this article to know about the benefits and uses of Khadiradi Bati.

Khadiradi Bati is prepared by using so many natural herbs. Some of them are khadira saar i.e. kattha , javitri, kankol, bhimseni kapoor (cinnimomum camphora), Supari (Areca nut), etc. Khadira saar (kattha) is the main ingredient of this medicine that makes Khadiradi Bati a very effective medicine for teeth and oral health care.  This medicine has so many properties, such as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, emollient, expectorant, etc. All these properties of Khadiradi bati help in taking care of all over the mouth.

laryngitisuses is very effective in the treatment of laryngitis. Its strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties help in reducing the inflammation of the larynx. It also reduces the hoarseness by reducing irritation and swelling of the vocal cord. This medicine is a very effective solution for mouth ulcers and stomatitis. It reduces pain and burning sensation caused by mouth ulcer. In case of Stomatitis, It gives relief by reducing the inflammation of the mucous membrane.

This medicine is one of the best solutions for a sore throat. The wonderful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of Khadiradi bati reduce the growth of bacteria that cause infections like a sore throat. Not only this, it is very also used for treating tonsillitis, tonsil infection, gingivitis, toothache, cough, etc. These are some uses and benefits of khadiradi bati for teeth and other oral health related problems. Now, let’s talk about the dosage and side effects of khadiradi bati.


dosage3Patients can take 1 tablet of this medicine 4 – 6 times in a day, before and after food or as directed by the physician. This medicine is also safe for children. You can give 1 tablet to the child twice or thrice a day. If I talk about the side effects, then it is completely safe for the body until one cannot take the overdose of this medicine. An overdose of khadiradi bati can cause some side effects like abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, dysuria, seizures, etc. This is very natural, if we eat anything beyond a limit, it will definitely do some adverse effects on the body. Generally, every Ayurvedic medicine is completely safe for our body as it is prepared with natural herbs and spices. But we have to follow the proper instructions given by the physician regarding the dosages especially.

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