IgG Herpes test

Facts Related To Herpes

There are millions of people who are infected with herpes virus and you can be its next victim. Do you know there are 70% of herpes patients who do not know that they have herpes? Yes, it is true. You might be thinking how it is possible that a person does not know that he/she is living with his/her life with a lifetime viral infection. ratio of herpesThis is due to variation in symptoms of herpes virus. The symptoms of herpes are different from person to person. Some people do not experience any kind of symptoms of herpes outbreaks throughout their life whereas some people experience really painful herpes outbreaks through the course of their life. Sometimes, herpes lives dormant in your nerve cells without showing any symptoms. Having no symptom does not mean you are herpes free. The question that arises is – how can someone get to know that whether he/she has herpes or something else?

If you have cold sores or blisters on your mouth or lips, they will not always herpes symptoms. They can be canker sores which can easily heal with some effective treatment options. Well, if you experience these types of symptoms, before judging on your own, you should consult your doctor and take a herpes test soon. Herpes test will give you an accurate result and tell you whether you have herpes or not. Fortunately, there are a number of herpes tests which can help you in finding your answer and clear your confusion of having herpes or not.  In this article, we are going to tell you a reliable test that will give you accurate results. This test is named as IGG test.

IGG Herpes Test

igg_testing1IGG is one of the popular herpes tests used by many doctors to find the herpes virus in your body. Many people have the question that- is IGG a reliable test for herpes? Here we are going to clear your all confusions regarding IGG Herpes test. If you search, you will find the number of herpes tests such as STD test, blood test, culture test and many other which make it difficult to find which one is reliable.

IGG Herpes test is reliable even if you do not have any herpes symptoms. When an individual contract with the herpes simplex virus, their immune system responds by generating antibodies; IGG and IGM to combat the virus. The antibody detection test looks for and identifies these antibodies in the blood. herpes-i-ii-igg-private-blood-tests-in-londonTypes specific IGG test can distinguish between HSV1 and HSV 2 antibodies, which are present in the blood in people with herpes. IGG, one of the most abundant types of antibody, is present in all body fluids protecting your body against viral and bacterial infections. IGG appears immediately after infection and remains in the blood permanently.

Herpes blood tests look for the body’s immune reactions to a herpes infection. They do not search directly for the virus because the immune reaction takes the time to develop after the time of infection, it is not immediately detectable. Whether you have herpes symptoms or not, you should consult your doctor fast and take a herpes test soon. Do not wait for the immune system to respond. IGG test is the most accurate herpes test if the sores are tested quickly enough.

Accuracy Of IGG Test

IGM test can give you wrong results but IGG will give you accurate results and also tell you whether you have HSV 1 or HSV 2. All other herpes tests can give you false results but it is really rare in the case of IGG Herpes test. IGG test is accurate 99% of the time because once you infected with herpes, antibodies will always present, whether you are having an active outbreak or not. So, this test can be done at any time and is the most reliable test too.

The time is taken by IGG bodies to reach the detectable levels may vary from person to person. In some cases, the test may be detected for a month whereas in other cases, it can take few months to get detected. If you are experiencing herpes symptoms, you should take herpes test soon. IGG is one of the best and accurate herpes tests that will give you accurate results and also tell you types of infection you have. If you got positive results, it means you are suffering from herpes and your need to start the right treatment option fast to manage your life and herpes symptoms effectively.

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